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TV Wall Mounts for Bedroom

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Looking for the perfect TV Wall Mount for your Bedroom? Here are some helpful tips and installation advice.

Your bedroom is the most personal space inside your home and having a secure, well placed TV (wall mounted) will compliment the comfort and viewing experience of your flat screen. Wall Mounting a TV in your bedroom will also save on space, reduce wire clutter, allow you to adjust the TV viewing angle and/or placement, and keep your expensive HDTV Flat Screen safe from small children and pets.

When planning your Bedroom TV Wall Mount, make notes for all the connections you will need:

- Power Outlets

- Signal Source from Cable box or TIVO or HULU

- Connectivity Cables like HDMI cable, game box cable or Optical audio cable

- Cables to bedroom surround systems (if any)

Next, choose an ideal location for your Bedroom Wall Mount-the one that offers best visibility, lowest glare from windows and safety from pets or children.

After location is fixed, choose a TV Mount that fits your TV size and adjustment options (tilt  or pan or swivel or extend).

The final step will be to get your Wall mount installed on your bedroom wall, and this can be done professionally by a Home Theater installation expert or yourself (if you are handy). Installation from an expert will cost more but you can get all wires and cables hidden inside the wall for the ultimate clean look. Weisser TV Mount models also feature intelligent cable management so you will not have ugly wires hanging from the back of your TV.

It is always ideal to have help around when you are installing the TV, especially for larger screen sizes.

We hope our tips and our line of modern, slim and sturdy Bedroom TV Mounts offer you the ideal personal TV viewing experience.

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