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TV Wall Mounts for Kitchen

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We don’t know if it’s the delicious smell of baked cookies, the aroma of pancakes and coffee brewing, or the tomatoes and cheese melting over the lasagna in the oven, but there is one thing we do know: kitchens bring people together.

This particular room in your home is designed to be practical plates and glasses above, the sink that goes in the middle and the fridge standing away from the stove, usually makes a regular kitchen setting. Having a TV mounted on the wall can be the cherry on top, choosing the right wall mount to put it on, can give you a clean look (we don’t want it to look more crowded) while making it comfortable for you.

So, if you’re opting for the TV to be placed in your kitchen, here are some tips:

Kitchen TV Wall Mount

Choosing the ideal size of your screen is important. You don’t want to feel like at the movies, or as if you can barely watch it, it all depends on the space. If you have a kitchen around 100 sq ft, a good TV size would be anything between 15 to 27 inches; if your kitchen is around 150 to 225 sq ft, you could be looking at something in between 32 to 37 inch TVs; now, if you have a bigger kitchen you can choose the size accordingly, although larger screens are better when mounted in your living room or family room.

Choose the ideal location for your LCD, LED or Plasma TV. Consider that if you’re getting a fixed mount- your viewing angle will be always the same; however, there are also some good options in tilt and full motion mounts. Make sure to identify the top third part of your screen so that your eyes are leveled with this point. Installing your TV away from the stove will prevent heat damage to your HDTV and wires.

Kitchen TV Mounts

Choosing the ideal mount will make you get the best out of your TV. A mount that can perform full motion is ideally suited; this kind of mount will allow you to swivel from the kitchen to the counter or the dining room whenever you need, plus, it can sit back and retract when you’re not watching TV. Wall Mounts are now made with slim design, making your TV extremely close to the wall, almost like a hanging picture. Picking up an ideal Kitchen TV Mount from Weisser is easy – choose from our Full Motion or Articulating Mount options. Both types of mounts give you the versatility in motion plus a stylish look and easy installation.

Giving it the ultimate clean look will not only enhance your visibility, but will it keep your walls from looking too crowded. Clear the TV’s perimeter by removing any pictures and decorative items around especially if you’re getting a full motion one, you don’t want to break any hanging portraits by swiveling your screen. It is important to hide any hanging cables, making your TV look even better and reducing clutter.

Please remember to be safe at all times; installing a TV is always best done with some help.

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